8 Far-Reaching Pros and Cons of the Military Draft

A military draft is when the government makes it mandatory for eligible people to enlist in the military, and likely deploy. The United States has had many drafts throughout its history, all during times of war. Should countries force citizens to serve in the military? What type of issues could arise because of policies like this, what types of benefits may be enjoyed. Let’s dive in and look at the issue of military drafts from both sides of the issue.

The Pros of Military Drafts

1. Strengthened Military Force

The biggest advantage of a draft is also the its purpose. To add strength and numbers to the military forces in times of need. By forcing all eligible people of age to enlist, you greatly strengthen forces that can then be sent to fight the enemy.

2. Creates A Feeling Of Equality Among Citizens

If enlisting in the military is mandatory, that means that no one can escape their duty. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or anything else, everyone is held to the same standards. This puts people on a level field and creates a feeling of equality that is beneficial for the moral of the entire nation.

3. Serving in The Military Builds Character

Having a mandatory enlistment can help a nation in more ways than one. Besides the obvious benefit of increased national security, it can also help with the overall economy and wellbeing of a country. Serving in the military builds character unlike anything else, and when people get out from their service, they are more responsible and dependable members of society.

4. Useful Skills Are Learned

Everyone in the military learns valuable skills. Whether it be survival, self-defense, or a specialty job, everyone becomes an expert in something. This is great for the people who serve because it gives them a head start in life when they are finished with their service.

The Cons of Military Draft

1. It’s A Violation of Free Will

Mandatory means just that, you have no choice. In many countries, this goes against their core values. One example of this is The United states. The entire mantra of the country is freedom. While this freedom certainly isn’t free, it would go against this value to force people to join the military. This is especially true when it is not a time of war.

2. Quality Is Needed Over Quantity

In many cases, it is not about the amount of people that you have serving, but the quality of said people. The military has to be somewhat selective in who they bring in, the people should at least have an interest and desire to serve for their country. With a mandatory draft, since no one has a choice, people tend to care a whole lot less about what they are doing. This lack of care and concern can be a giant hindrance to the military as a whole.

3. We Need Young People for Jobs at Home Too

If all people are forced to join the military at a young age, we would never have people of that specific age in the communities. This would be bad because there are some jobs that need to be done by young people, such as construction. Taking a chunk this big out of the job market would be detrimental.

4. Higher Costs for the Government

If everyone is forced to serve, this means that the government will be forced to feed, clothe, house, train, and pay them. The costs that are associated with this are monumental, and grow larger with each person that joins. This is something that must be taken into account when thinking about military drafts.

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