9 Key Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

One of the hottest debates going around lately is the matter of school uniforms. Many schools require students to wear a mandated outfit to school each and every day, while others allow them to choose their own clothes. There are many benefits and cons to each side of this issue, so let’s break them down.

The Pros of School Uniforms

1. Makes for a Much Easier Morning

One of the most challenging parts of the day is getting up and having to figure out what to wear. This can become a daily battle between children and parents, which hinders their production and mood for the rest of the day. When you already know exactly what you are wearing, this battle is lessened greatly.

2. Students Are Easily Identifiable

When all of the students in the school are in the same uniform, it makes it very easy to spot an outsider or someone who should not be there on the campus. This is beneficial for safety. Another good safety feature that school uniforms have is that if a student is off of campus during school hours, it is very easy to tell where they belong.

3. Helps To Prevent Teasing in Schools

Clothing in a school is a form of social status. When kid’s families cannot afford the latest trends and name brand clothing, they become outcasts and are ridiculed. School uniforms put everyone on an even field during the school day and greatly help to reduce the frequency of bullying.

4. Encourages School Spirit

School uniforms help the spirit of the school in many ways. First off, it makes all students sport the colors of the school, which helps with morale all around. They begin to develop a team mentality.

5. Helps to Teach Responsibility

You have to wear your uniform every single day, and you typically don’t have hundreds of different pairs to choose from. This means that the student has to be held responsible for keeping their uniform clean and orderly, helping to teach discipline and skills that are needed for success later in life.

The Cons of School Uniforms

1. They are Not Always the Cheaper Option

Many supporters of school uniforms argue that it is the all around cheaper option for students and their parents, however, many people would beg to differ. School uniforms are not an option, however, buying a new wardrobe is. Parents are forced to purchase the usually costly uniforms every year, against their will.

2. Self Expression is Greatly Limited

One of the best ways to show your personality and style is through the clothes you wear. School children don’t get much time to go out and socialize outside of school, making it the only venue that they have to show their self expression. School uniforms doesn’t allow them to do this at all, and instead, white washes everyone into a cookie cutter style.

3. Some Body Types Aren’t Suited

While school uniforms have been shown to help bullying in some ways, it has increased it in other. Students, especially girls, who have larger or different body types have to be brutally compared to girls whose uniforms fit them better. The comparison is made worse because everyone is in the same exact thing, and you have no choice if the uniform doesn’t suite you.

4. They aren’t Always Comfortable

Uniforms are not designed to be the most comfortable and breathable pieces of clothing. When you force students to wear them every single day, they can get very uncomfortable and agitated. This can disrupt the learning experience.

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