Africa Aids Statistics

Aside from poverty and hunger, AIDS is a problem of different countries in Africa. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a disease that attacks the human immune system. A person infected with AIDS may experience influenza like illness and followed by a long period without symptoms. As AIDS progress more to the human health, it attacks the immune system of the person which may lead the person to easily get infected. Some parts of Africa are greatly devastated and affected by AIDS. It is not just a problem of the Africa but other countries in the world as well. AIDS is priority concern of the health sector of the different local government in Africa.

Current Rate of AIDS

An estimated 22.9 million people in the continent are suffering from AIDS. According to the reports of UNAIDS, an estimated 5,700,000 African people had AIDS in the year 2007. In the adult African people the AIDS rate is 18.10%. In the same year, only 28%of people in the Africa who had AIDS received anti-retroviral treatment. But in the year 2009, approximately 1 million people or about 2% of the adult population of Africa received the anti-retroviral treatment. In the year 2010, nearly 280,000 of African people died because AIDS. It is also estimated that about 42%-47% of the death rate of African people were cause by AIDS.

Death Rate

The Death Notification Forms survey of 2010 also shows that 18,325 deaths were related to HIV/AIDS Diseases. In latest statistics of AVERT regarding AIDS rate in Africa, an estimated almost 70% of the people who are infected with AIDS live in the Sub-Saharan part of Africa. The AIDS statistics rate must serve as a wakeup call for all the health organization, local government of different countries of Africa, international health organizations and people to come up with a comprehensive plan and actions to fight against AIDS.

The epidemic caused by AIDS greatly affected the lives of many people especially the children. Many children have lost their parents because of the spread of the disease. The social, tourism and economic system of Africa also suffered when the spread of AIDS started. The health, education, agriculture, transport, human resources and the entire economy of the different countries in Africa are also affected and devastated. AIDS is not just a disease that causes the death of many people but also brought great impact in the society. It causes discrimination to the people who are infected with the disease. AIDS also became a subject to many controversies in the entire region.

The AIDS rate of Africa is also a global concern. AIDS also cause widespread impact to many parts of the world. AIDS affects the life expectancy of the people, health, productivity and the life of the entire people in the Africa and even to the different countries in the world. It also brought impact to the society of Africa and other nearby countries. Combating AIDS rate in the Africa can be hard but there must be intensive actions to do to make people totally free form the risk of having AIDS.

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