Africa Hunger Statistics

Hunger can be a manifestation of poverty. It can be associated to the lack of food and water. Too much starvation for food and clean water can also lead to death. Hunger can also be considered as one of the biggest problem of the society. Believe it or not, hunger is a reality for some parts of the world. There are people in many parts of the world who cannot afford to eat foods and drink clean water. Hunger is a problem is a problem in Africa. Hunger can cause malnutrition to children and adult people. The worst scenario that may happen because of hunger is increase in the death and crime rate in a particular place. The number of hungry people in Africa rapidly grew faster, from 175 million to 239 million in the year 2010, almost 20 million was added in just a short span. In the Sub-Saharan of Africa the hunger rate rises up 2% every year since 2007.

Hunger Concerns

Poverty is the main cause of hunger in the different countries in the world. Poverty and hunger is related to each other. Extreme poverty and hunger remain an alarming problem in the different country in the world. Africa is one of the countries that people currently suffer hunger and starvation. The report of World Bank says that an estimated 1,345 million poor people in the different developing countries who live on $1.25 a day or less in the year 2005. Malnutrition is a manifestation of hunger and poverty. There are many problems that may rise due to extreme hunger.

Malnutrition of children will be very high if hunger is still in the line. Hunger also causes poor health condition of the many people which may to low levels of energy and even mental illness. It can also reduce the ability of a person to think well, work, learn and do other activities. In short, hunger can less the productivity of a person. A hungry person cannot work well and concentrate because of lack of energy

Extreme Hunger

Extreme hunger can also weaken the immune system of a person. People who are being deprived of the right nutrition especially children are weak to fight against diseases and worst it may lead to death. According to the World Food Programme almost 7 million children with age 1 month up to 5 years old died because of hunger. Hunger is really a very alarming issue that can affect globally.

You will also notice that in a place where in poor and hungry people live crime rates such as stealing, killing and robbery rates are high. Criminal rates are high in places like that because people are forced to do bad things just to provide all their basic needs like food, shelter and clothes. It became a manifestation of the people to be able to fill their empty stomachs, build a shelter where they can live and provide clothes. It is their way to be able to survive from hunger and pain.

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