Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Work

Audrey Hepburn was both a British actress as well as humanitarian. She had been well-known as a fashion and film icon that was also very active during the Golden age of Hollywood. Hepburn had been ranked 3rd by the American Film Institute for American cinema’s greatest female screen legend. She was also a part of Hall of Fame’s International Best Dressed List and one of the most beautiful women of all time.

Film Success of Hepburn

She appeared in various British films. In 1953, she starred in Roman Holiday playing the role of the Academy Award-winning lead role. Other films that she starred successfully are Sabrina (1954), Charade (1963), Wait Until Dark (1967), The Nun’s Story (1959), My Fair Lady (1964), and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). In some of these films, Hepburn received BAFTA nominations, Golden Globe and Academy Award.

Hepburn was considered one of the few stars that have earned an Emmy, Tony, Academy, and Grammy during her career. She was also a record holder of 3 BAFTA Awards as the Best British Actress from a particular leader role. As her famous life went on, she still appeared in some films but she devoted a lot of time to UNICEF. Since 1954, she already contributed to this organization. However, she was still working in other disadvantaged communities of South America, Africa and Asia from 1988 to 1992.

Humanitarian Work

Hepburn earned the award Presidential Medal of Freedom to recognize her works as the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF in December 1992. After a month, she died from appendiceal cancer at 63 years old.

For many years of her life, Audrey stood for her great dedication and commitment to help children, most especially those who could not speak for their own. These were the children who had nothing else, but their smiles and courage, their dreams and their wits.

In the year 1994, a non-profit organization named Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund was established in New York City, extending the international appeals of Audrey on behalf of suffering and ill-treated children across the globe.

Hepburn’s Causes and Support

Other causes supported by Audrey were education, poverty, human trafficking, slavery, human rights, health, children and abuse. During 1988, she visited Ethiopia for her very first UNICEF field mission. Hepburn went to Mek’ele’s orphanage that had five hundred starving kids. UNICEF had to supply them food.

In August of the same year, she visited Turkey for an immunization campaign. In October, she visited South America including Ecuador and Venezuela. In February 1989, she went to Central America and met various leaders in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. In April of this year, Hepburn toured Sudan along with Wolders which has been a part of their mission called as “Operation Lifeline”. Due to civil war, foods coming from the aid agencies were cut off. Their main mission was to bring foods to southern part of Sudan.

Audrey Hepburn humanitarian work extended until 1992. She visited more countries and places that are in dire need of UNICEF’s help. But a few months before she passed away, she went to Somalia where she experienced greater remorse over the traumas of its current economic condition.

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