Child Soldiers in Africa Statistics

Children are supposed to have good quality education, eating good foods, drinking clean water, can sleep in a comfortable bed, a good shelter to live in, safe place to live in and a loving parents. Unfortunately some of the children are deprived to have all those wonderful things and good people around them. Poor little children are sometimes being deprived to have a good life because they are forced by the armed groups to be child soldiers. They are the real victims of the different wars and conflict in the different parts of the world.

Child Soldier Trends

In some parts of the world, some children hold a deadly weapon instead of holding a pencil. At a young age some boys are already being taught how to hold a gun and even how to kill. They are called child soldiers they are being taught how to hold guns and to kill a person if the situation permits. During their training to be child soldiers, children need to prove their ability to the higher officials of armed groups by killing their friends and family members. By that way the children can bale to prove their loyalty and to harden up with the group. Child soldiers are not just boys there are also female children who are also being trained to fight in wars.

It is very alarming to know that this thing happens to little children because they are still young to experience such things. Wars and civil conflicts trigger child soldiers to fight. Many children are being trained to fight in wars and hold weapons. According to the UN there are around estimated 100,000 child soldiers particularly in Liberia, Congo and Sudan. According to the Human Rights, the estimated number of child soldiers serving to rebel groups is almost 200,000 to 300,000 children in the world.

Causes and Impact of Child Soldiers

Most of the child soldiers are not fighting for government armies because most of them are under the armed groups. Some of child soldiers are force to join in the armed groups while some of them voluntarily joined in the group due to hunger, no education opportunities and to escape from domestic violence that they encountered. To fight in different wars and conflict can really be dangerous for children. Child soldiers are used as messengers, carrier and spies. Sometimes the main role of child soldiers is to set explosives and use guns. Girls are usually used to satisfy the sexual needs of the soldiers in the camp. Child soldiers are also often under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Child soldiers really need to struggle for the rest of their lives.

Child soldier’s statistics in Africa are constantly changing in accordance with the growth of different armed groups that is why it is hard to estimate the current numbers of child soldiers. It is also hard to obtain the numbers of the child soldiers because the recruitment of the said system is not an open book for everyone. Recruitment of child soldiers is covered with inherent secrecy.

This system is really a terrible situation for children. Child soldiers are the victims of the armed conflicts. Armed groups used to recruit children to be soldiers because children are more docile that adults. Children are also easier for them to train how to kill and do fighting techniques. The international and local government of the different countries in Africa should do proper actions to rescue these children from child trafficking and even from child labor. Child soldiers are also a manifestation of poverty in the country because if they do not encounter too much poverty surely they will not be forced to be child soldiers. Combating poverty and hunger will be the first step to get rid the child soldiers.

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