Christianity in Ethiopia

Christianity started to grow in the area of Ethiopia since the first century of AD. Because of the presence of this religion in the stated country, its residents became totally different to the other nations that are present in the countries that are included in sub-Saharan Africa section. In this country, Christianity was divided into several groups. Each group possesses unique traditions and beliefs that are embodying their moral actions and rules as human beings. The oldest Oriental Orthodox Church is Ethiopia serves as a proof that Christianity became part of the daily living of the Ethiopian people for several years.

History of Christianity in Ethiopia

The Christianity in Ethiopia was already well known in the different parts of the globe during the time when King Ezana of the Kingdom of Axum ruled the Ethiopian people. And this was declared as the official state religion of Ethiopia in the period of 330 AD. The first day of the existence of this religion in Ethiopia remains a mystery in the history and current records of the stated country. The date when it was introduced to Ethiopian people is still undetermined at the present time due to the lack of sufficient evidences and references that can be used to determine its exact date.

Introduction of Islam in Ethiopia

When Islam was introduced in Ethiopia, the Christian individuals in the stated place became isolated. The new religion has successfully converted almost thirty percent of the occupiers of Ethiopia into Muslim individuals. And this situation occurred in the stated place in the period of the seventh century. Christianity remains the largest and most influencing religion in the area of Ethiopia at the present time regardless of the presence of Muslim people in its huge land area. One of the best proofs of the presence of this religion in the stated area is the existence of the Christian bibles in its Christian churches and the monks who served as the preachers of the word of God in the stated country for several years.

Practice of Baptism

Baptism is one of the ceremonies that the Christian individuals in Ethiopia are practicing every day. Such ceremony aims to clean the heart and mind of a person from the sins of Eva and Adam who violated the rules of God in the story of the bible. Baptism serves as the main ceremony for the conversion of an individual as a new member of the Christian community in Ethiopia who has the responsibility to preach the word of God and follow the rules that were stated in the Ten Commandments.

The Christianity in Ethiopia is not totally different from the type of Christianity that can be found in the other parts of the globe nowadays. Most of the Christian individuals in the stated country know how to respect their neighbors and are well disciplined. All of the most sacred sacraments that are included in the celebrations of the other Christian communities in the other parts of this world are also present in the tradition and beliefs of the Ethiopian people. The two individuals who were responsible for the promotion of Christianity in Ethiopia were Aedissius and Frumentius.

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