Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights

For the past decades, Eleanor Roosevelt human rights continually take the path leading to a successful implementation of the rule across the globe. She has exerted great effort in building a strong foundation for human rights. There are many stories behind the success of implementing the right for freedom of every person in this world.

Who is Eleanor Roosevelt?

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt has been the United States’ longest-serving first lady. She held the post from 1933 up to 1945 during the 4 terms of her husband, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was given the title as the “First Lady of the World” by President Harry S. Truman in tribute to the achievements of her human rights goals.

In the first place, her marriage with Pres. Roosevelt had been complicated because of the controlling mother of Franklin and the affair with Lucy Mercer. Eleanor had resolved to find fulfillment in her own public life. She started making public appearances on behalf of Franklin, after he was elected as New York’s governor.

Following the death of her husband, Eleanor was still active in the world of politics all throughout her life. She had persuaded the United States to take part in United Nations (UN). She became the first UN Commission on Human Rights’ chairperson while she oversaw the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ drafting.

The Fight for Human Rights

Eleanor Roosevelt Human rights awakened the mind and hearts of the people in invoking their rights for freedom as a human. For her, the main problem that confronts the world nowadays is about human freedom preservation for individuals and for society where they are involved. She added that people fight the battle again as it has been fought during the French Revolution as well as American Revolution.

The human liberty issue has been as decisive today as it has been. Eleanor was trying to give her own conception about the real meaning of individual freedom in her country. There should always the consideration of rights; however, in democracy this has not been a restriction. In the democracies, people make their freedom secure since each on has been expected to respect other people’s right and they have been free to create their own laws.

People’s freedom should not always be a right, but a tool. Freedom of information, speech, the press, and assembly are not only abstract ideals to them. They serve as the tools in which they can make their own way of life that they will enjoy freedom.

The last expression of people’s opinion with them is by honest and free elections, including valid options on basic candidates and issues. Secret ballot has been crucial to a free election but people should make a choice just before others. The basic decisions of the society were done through people’s expressed will.

Eleanor Roosevelt human rights enlightened millions of people, including leaders, across the globe. She emphasized the great importance of being unified instead of working individually. The place where human rights issue is discussed in the United Nations forum.

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