Ethiopia Child Labor

Child labor means that there is something wrong in the society. Statistics show that there are about 250 million children who are involved in child labor. 80 million children with age 5-10 are already working. Boys involved in child labor usually do works such as sewing clothes, working in mines and other works that adults usually do while female children do domestic work. Most of them are forced to work while some of them willingly wanted to work to be able to survive from their daily needs. Children labor deprives children to have a good childhood memories

Child Labor Conflicts

Child labor is one of the greatest problems encountered by different poor countries. Poverty triggers the rise of problems in the society and one of this is the so called Child labor. Children are supposed to be in good schools to attain education and good future hence some of unlucky children who belong in poor families are forced to work. Unfortunately some of these children are forced to work by their own parents. Poor little children are being deprived to have a comfortable shelter, eat good foods, good health and most importantly they do not have the privilege to obtain quality education.

The Harsh Reality of Child Labor in Africa

Child labor is a reality in Africa. The worst thing is that in Ethiopia they do not see child labor as a thing that can deprive the children’s right. Children in Ethiopia live in poverty and they see child labor as a way to survive from hunger and other problems caused by poverty. There are so many cases that children in that place are being taken into homes to be servants. Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of children labor in the world. Ethiopia has high rates of child labor for survival.

The country also has high rate of death rate caused by AIDS and other deadly diseases that have left almost 4.6 million children living without parents. Some children in the place are forced to work because of loss of their parents, inability to pay school fees and poverty. Some children involved in child labor in the country work in their neighbor’s house and filed and being paid with foods while some children who work in factories earn cash wages.

Cultural Impact

Child labor seems a normal thing in Ethiopia because child labor is also part of their cultural values. In the Ethiopian culture, children are encouraged to work at a young age to develop some skills. Children in the place are already given the responsibility to work and earn for the living and help to their parents. Child labor is also a manifestation of a big problem in the society such as over population, unemployment of older people, poor quality education, and inability to support the needs of the children, rapid urbanization, family conflict and civil conflicts. Child labor can really be dangerous for children.

Possibilities that children can suffer from accidents and injuries while doing a work which is supposedly a work for older people. In a society in which child labor is a normal scenario and female children do not have proper guidance and security possibilities that rape, prostitution, sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancy may also rise.

Child labor is a society’s problem. It is not just a problem of Ethiopia, it is a disease of all countries around the world. Everyone in this world has the responsibility and moral obligation to get rid Child labor. Children will be the next generation and they have the right to obtain brighter future and live in a better place. Poverty is the root cause of poverty and to make children free from child labor, poverty must be solved first.

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