Ethiopia Literacy Rate

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the continent of Africa. The type of government in this country is called Federal Republic. Such type of government remains an issue for all of the residents of the stated country due to the absence of fast improvements in the status of the economy of their nation. As of now, the current record for the total amount of population in this country is 93.9 million. Such rate of population is already too much for the total size of the land area of this country. Remember that the size of Texas is almost half of the total size of this country. It is one of the smallest countries in this world.

Current Statistics and Facts About Illiteracy

According to those individuals who conducted several studies about the way of living in this place, the maximum life expectancy in its area is only fifty seven years. What a shame? Only few individuals in this place have successfully accomplished competent educational attainments in their lives. Most of them are jobless and victims of poverty. One of the main reasons why poverty has a very high rate in this country is the absence of good quality education in its area and the inability of some Ethiopian parents to send their children in school.

Some individuals claimed that the overall literacy rate in Ethiopia is only forty three percent. This data could be one of the worst realities or problems that can be found in the area of the stated country nowadays. Such data is a proof that the current status of Ethiopia won’t bring good opportunities in the lives of the individuals who are living in its place. Most of the individuals in the stated country are illiterate. Almost eighty percent of the individuals that are living in this country do not know how to read and write that words that are present in books and other educational tools nowadays.

Causes of Illiteracy in Ethiopia

One of the possible causes of this problem in Ethiopia is the absence of sufficient budget for education in the financial plans of the Ethiopian national government. Most of the individuals who are present in this country do not know how to write the simplest statements that are part of their national language. As long as the educational institutions in this place are not open for the poorest individuals in this place, the level of their literacy rate will never improve. And the worst effect of such problem is the fact that it can also increase the rate of poverty in Ethiopia.

Right now, two surveys about the literacy rate in Ethiopia have been conducted by the authorities these past few months. In the group of women who are living in this country, the current level of literacy rate is forty seven percent which is not good enough. Now, it is time to declare the official literacy rate of the adult individuals in this place. For several years, the quality of literacy in this place didn’t change. Many Ethiopian individuals are still considered by other nations as illiterate persons. The current adult literacy rate in this place is only thirty nine percent.

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