Explanation of the Camp David Peace Accords

Camp David Peace Accords are signed by the Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and the Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on September 17, 1978, following 13 days negotiations at the Camp David. These 2 framework agreements are signed in the ‘White House’, and are witnessed by the US President Jimmy Carter.

The Conflict Between Israel and Egypt

Israel and Egypt had technically been at war ever since Israel’s founding in the year 1948, and the latter has occupied Sinai Peninsula or the Egyptian Territory during the 6 day way of 1967. War had once more aroused in 1973. The accords actually had their primary origin in the Sadat’s unprecedented visit into Jerusalem – the very first visit by ‘chief of state’ of the Arab nation into Israel on November 19 – 21 1977 in order to address the Knesset parliament and Israeli government on this subject.

Objective of Camp David Peace Accords

The main goal of the Camp David Peace Accords that were signed by Israel, Egypt, and United States were the major step to the final peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. These accords actually set the main framework of peace talks following over the next 6 months, compelling each party to reach 2 goals – peace treaty for Egypt and Israel, and the final peace settlement for the Arab Israeli conflicts as well as Palestinian issue. Israel and Egypt reached only the first goal, but because of sacrificing the 2nd goal.

History of Conflict

This is the origin of Camp David Peace Accords – Egypt and Israel had fought 4 wars, not including War of Attrition. Israel occupied the Egypt’s Sinai, Arab East Jerusalem, Syria’s Golan Heights, and West Bank. Some four million Palestinians are either living like refugees or under Israeli military occupation. Neither Israel nor Egypt affords to hang about on war footing then survive economically.

The US as well as Soviet Union had all their hopes and goals set on Middle East’s peace conference in 1977 in Geneva. But this plan was actually stalemated by some disagreements about the conference as well as the main role that Soviet Union will play.

The US, according to the President’s vision, wanted an excellent peace plan to settle all the disputes, Palestinian autonomy included. President Carter was not interested in providing the Soviets with more than token role. The Palestinians wanted a statehood to become a part of framework. Israel, however, disagreed. The peace procedure was really going nowhere.

The Resolution

Camp David Peace Accords remain as the US’ greatest achievement for complete peace in Middle East. Essentially, the agreement also illustrates the failures and limits of peace in Middle East. By letting Egypt and Israel use Palestinians as the bargaining chip, President Carter allowed Palestinian right to statehood becomes marginalized, and West Bank potentially to become Israeli province. The peace amid Egypt and Israel endures, but it is consider cold peace, and the prospects, provided the advents of Islamism as well as popular resentments under Mubarak’s authoritarian ruling, are quite uncertain. This is the explanation of the Camp David Peace Accords; you can actually see lots of information over the internet nowadays.

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