Famine in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the most food deficient countries in this world since 1980’s. Many people in this place are suffering from extreme hunger to the due to insufficient amount of harvested foods in its area. Its population continues to grow as the time goes by. And as the number of the residents in this country increases, the number of the people who are suffering from hunger in its area is also increasing. In response to this huge problem in the daily living of the residents of Ethiopia, the United Nations has conducted several programs that will encourage the other nations to share some foods to the Ethiopian people.

Programs for Food in Ethiopia

Such programs were designed to make the amount of harvested foods in Ethiopia sufficient enough to feed all the residents that are staying in its area. The current status of famine in Ethiopia serves as a natural disaster in the eyes of all of its residents and the other nations that are living in this world. Until now, the main cause of this problem remains undetermined and the authorities in Ethiopia are still thinking of the best ways on how to resolve its negative effects to their countrymen.

Some of the questions that can be associated in this problem nowadays are “why is it that so many Ethiopian people are starving for food nowadays?” and “what kind of assistance or solution must be applied to this problem to stop all its negative effects?” September 12, 1984 was the tenth anniversary of the overthrow of Haile Selassie who was a former emperor of the stated country in the past. On that date, a new emperor took the responsibilities of the overthrown emperor. And the name of the new emperor is Dergue. Several changes occurred in Ethiopia when this guy took the highest position in the stated country.

Economic Initiatves

Dergue became strict in all of the policies that were implemented in Ethiopia. This leader told the residents of the stated country that their country needs to be free from the cases of corruption in order to improve the poor performance or record of its famine. All of the promises of this leader didn’t fail in the end. In fact, several Ethiopian people admired this leader because of the excellent changes and improvement in the economy of Ethiopia under the Dergue administration. With the help of this individual, the government of Ethiopia has successfully generated additional money for their national budget.

The additional money of the Ethiopia that was generated under the leadership of Dergue was used to resolve the extreme famine in Ethiopia. For several years, this problem killed a lot of Ethiopian people. The amount of foods in Ethiopia has successfully increased with the help of the increased budget that was granted to the central government of the stated country. The Ethiopian farmers have successfully doubled the amounts of crops that can be harvested in their farms because of Dergue. Such achievements were results of the long term suffering of the Ethiopian people from hunger death and political scandals or conflicts.

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