George Clooney Humanitarian Work

When Hollywood has been full of vanity and greedy, it would be refreshing to reminiscence a famous star that stood up and gave back. This was George Clooney who had been selfless all throughout his life. Since the year 2006, he had established humanitarian effort as part of his career when he was involved in helping Darfur’s genocide victims. And back in 2005, he even donated $1 Million to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

In his entire life, Clooney supported and involved himself in various charity works. In an interview, he stated that his dad was the one who taught him to look out for persons who have been less fortunate and challenge persons who have great power.

He took this to heart while he proved himself that he can be an incredible activist and humanitarian. Clooney had been into different humanitarian work and supported different institutions.

Running Heart Foundation

This has been built in Italy with the purpose of funding the local authorities when it comes to new transportation that includes lifesaving cardiology medications and equipment. In 2001, Clooney went to Milan, Italy in order to bring the motorbike keys to Professor Massimo Santini, the first cardiovascular department of Rome’s St. Phillip Neri hospital in Rome. This has been on the presence of Minister of the Health Girolamo Sirchia, of Milan Municipality social services, and of Vice-mayor Riccardo de Corato as well as Tiziana Maiolo.

One Campaign

ONE has been an advocacy and campaigning organization of more than 3.5 million of individuals who can take action to stop preventable diseases and poverty especially in Africa. This is due to the fact that extreme poverty could be virtually eliminated in the year 2030. However, this will happen when people act urgently today. George had supported the caused and he has been to various PSAs together with his dear father. He even attended a lot of fund raising events in order to raise awareness to other people.

United Way

Right from the start, United Way remains a great part of immediate response when it comes to such crisis. Today, this was taken into the central role to rebuild lives, communities and long term recovery. Clooney had served and supported on Board of Trustees. He also spent much of his effort, items and time in raising funds for this organization. In 2006, George donated his Academy Awards transferable contents and gift bag to auction off for the benefit of United Way Hurricane Response And Recovery Fund.

Enough Project

It raises awareness and takes action in addressing human rights cases in South Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Sudan, including other African areas that have been affected by Lord’s Resistance Army. In 2012, George had taken part with Enough Project to check Nuba Mountains in Sudan’s rebel-held territory. During the trip, he experienced rocket attacks as well as the aerial bombing effects caused by regime of Sudanses against the people of Nuban. He had directed and wrote a certain graphics as well as a disturbing film regarding the tip. Other George Clooney Humanitarian work events are testifying in front of the US Senate, Peaceful Protests, Satellite Sentinel Project, and more.

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