Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index

The human rights campaign corporate equality index is published as a tool of rating American businesses according to their treatment for gay, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian employees, investors, and consumers. It’s main source of information is generated through surveys, however, the researchers always cross check the business policies as well as their implications when it comes to LGBT public records and workers independently. The human rights campaign corporate equality index has been officially published yearly since the year 2002.

Explanation of the Human Rights Campaign

The human rights campaign corporate equality index chooses businesses and companies to rate and rank them on scale of zero to one hundred based on flexible criteria that is grounded on the ten principles of Equality Project. These include the following:

1. Written policy on nondiscrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity.

2. Inclusion of gender identity, sexual orientation, and gender expression to their sensitivity and diversity training.

3. Equality in the domestic partners benefits basically required by various laws such as Family and Medical Leave Act.

4. Respectful and appropriate advertising to LGBT community.

5. Transgender inclusive ‘health insurance benefits’.

6. Rejection of activities that might undermine the goals of human and equal rights aimed for the LGBT people.

Varied Beliefs and Opinions

There are varied opinions in regard to the real effects that the company ratings have on their business. Some people believe that having high rating can have a very positive impact, while other people believe that it can actually cause the company to easily lose its popularity among their customers. According to some studies and researches, it showed that to have an excellent rating in doesn’t harm a business’ stocks. The index encourages companies and businesses to improve their policies in terms of LGBT employees, and in most cases accomplishes such as goal. This has actually led to an extremely competitive atmosphere across the different businesses and companies to stay updated and current in LGBT related policies.

The Rating System

Since its introduction in 2002, the human rights campaign corporate equality index has financial effects on the companies included in the ratings system. In the year 2007, this campaign of human rights introduced mobile guide to consumers, which allow everyone to view a business’ or company’s ratings before deciding whether they should do business and transaction with them or not. They can do this by simply texting the name of the company to the short code of the index. After that, they will be able to receive a fast response.

Who it Benefits

The human rights campaign corporate equality index indeed proved to be very beneficial especially to LGBT customers and employees. This is actually one of the most successful campaign that is basically intended for them, and fortunately it is still widely used nowadays. More and more companies are giving human rights campaign corporate equality index much importance.

If you are also running your own business, you should consider the different essential factors about the human rights campaign corporate equality index and implement it into your business. And if you are a customer, you should also take into account the importance of the Corporate Equality Index.

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