Interesting Fun Facts About Ethiopia

Ethiopia could be one of the simplest and most neglected countries in this world nowadays due to its very complicated economic status and extreme famine. The culture and traditions of the individuals who are living in this place are good. And actually, the other nations have no right to criticize the way of living of the Ethiopian people because it embodies their overall identity as a unique and independent nation in this world. There are so many fun facts in the history of this world that were taken from the area of Ethiopia. And those fun facts will be the highlights in this article so please read this.

Size and Social Problems of Ethiopia

One of the fun facts that the people in this world should know about Ethiopia is the fact that its size is equivalent to the doubled size of Texas. This country is very small and many individuals are suffering from hunger in its area because it doesn’t have sufficient resources and crops to share to its occupiers. Another fun fact about Ethiopia that most of the people in this world do not know is the fact that this country serves as the birthplace of coffee. All of the individuals that are living in this place know how to prepare coffee.

Other Interesting Facts About Ethiopia

The visitors who will enter the houses of the residents of this place should not refuse to drink the coffees which will be served to them by the Ethiopian people. It is because such an act is considered rude behavior among Ethiopian people. Another fun fact about Ethiopia that will really catch the interest of historians in this world nowadays is the claim of the Ethiopian people that the capital city of their country served as the resting place of the Ark of Covenant in the past. The Ark of Covenant is one of the most sacred items or character the can be found in the bible nowadays. And the real resting place of the Ark of Covenant is still undetermined right now.

According to the latest records of Ethiopia, the country has sixty three airports. However, only seventeen of these airports have paved runaway that can provide maximum convenience to all of its visitors. Such fun fact might discourage the other foreign nationals to visit the stated country because of the poor quality of airports that are present in its area. In Ethiopia, another fun fact that still remains as part of the culture of Ethiopian people is the fact that the women in their place need to feed their fingers to their male partners while expressing their love and affection.

The standard calendar in Ethiopia is very different. In other countries, the standard calendar contains twelve months with varied amounts of dates that are ranging from twenty eight to thirty one days. The Ethiopian calendar is totally different from such calendars. It is because this calendar is composed of thirteen months. Its first twelve months have thirty dates or days. And the thirteenth month in this calendar is composed of only five to six days. In other words, the thirteenth month in this calendar was supposed to be considered as a one week only but the authorities in Ethiopia declared it as an official month in their calendar. Their calendar is eight years behind the standard western calendar of the other countries.

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