North Korean Human Rights Violations

Different countries were deprived to receive their rights for human freedom. And there are hundreds of thousands and even millions of people in this world who are experiencing different kinds of human rights violations. Today, there are already many different organizations that have been dealing with this matter. However, they still cannot work on it in an instant since there are many governments that are violating human rights. And one of them is North Korea.

The Battle for North Korean Human Rights

North Korea’s human rights have been restricted to be unanimously assessed. This has been stated by the organizations on internal human rights. There were various rights enshrined into the constitution of the country. However, people do not have right to do free speech. Only news, TV, and radio providers have been deemed legal as they were operated by its government.

North Korea had rejected the accusations of the United Nations, just like how it continually denies the prison camp network’s existence in its own place. It never allowed such commission to get into the country. However, they hoped that this report will mark the turning point in outside world’s North Korean Approach.

North Korea’s Reported Human Rights Violations

As part of North Korean Human Rights violations, it was estimated that the number of political prisoners who were detained in the country’s concentration camps was between 150, 000 up to 200, 000. Here, they performed forced labor while they risk on torture, executions, and beatings.

On the other hand, Chinese leaders had resisted to allow the commission to take a look at the border provinces along with North Korea. They opposed the inquiry of the commission right from the beginning. They also received the critical letter coming from commission which suggests that they abetting and aiding crime against humanity.

The refugees have been rounded up in China. After that, they went back to North Korea, which they always face torture, execution and imprisonment. Chinas got visceral human-rights investigation dislike. This feared that disregarding some countries’ abuses exposure might have invited scrutiny on its own. Thus, they need to dismiss such report like ‘unreasonable criticism”.

China has been the United Nation Security Council’s permanent member. Most people assumed that China was going to make use of its own right of veto, to prevent referral to ICC. However, China had rarely vetoed the resolution all alone. It wanted to win the backing of Russia just the case had reached Security Council.

In 2012, there was a glimmer of hope. China permitted to pass even with no vote (than vetoing) the United Nation resolution that condemns North Korea Human Rights violations. This has been fully aware that supporting a regime that committed crime against humanity’s price is high, most especially for the country that aims to become the global actor.

Another concern that the country might face was about the international pressure in halting the refugee repatriation of North Korea. It might trigger the exodus that might overwhelm the border areas of China. This attracts involvement through meddling foreigners as well as North Korea’s angry backlash that may destabilize peninsula.

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