Poverty in Africa Statistics

Poverty is the root cause of many diseases of the many countries and society. Poverty deprives many children and people to have a better life and place to live in. Basically, poverty means lack of foods, shelter, clothes, education and material things that a person needs to be able to survive and live. Poverty also deprives people to have a good life, good foods, education, good health and a better society.

Effects of Poverty

Poverty triggers hunger, unemployment, high death rate, corruption, criminal cases and low quality of education. If many people are not employed then possibility that they may encounter s is very high then if people are hungry it may trigger crime rate and death rate become higher. Poverty can be the root cause of any bad things that happen in this world. Africa ranked as the second continent that has largest number of people who are hungry and if there are so many people who are hunger in this place therefore poverty rate in Africa is high. But not all countries in Africa are poor and starving to death. But some parts of Africa are really poor. The primary causes of poverty in Africa are environmental factors, climate change, economic system, unemployment and rapid growth of the population in Africa. Poverty itself is the cause of hunger of the people.

Rates of Poverty in Africa

If you see the way of life of some African people you can really feel poverty and hunger. High rates of hunger, unemployment, child labor and death rate shows that Africa is poor and suffers from poverty. But concrete statistics of poverty in the entire continent of Africa is hard to achieve. Exact numbers of statistics is impossible to achieve because gathering and managing data to some parts of Africa is a difficult task to do. Obtaining data needed to come with a concrete poverty statistics in Africa is difficult because sometimes the gathered data does not matched in the real situation of the people living in a particular places in Africa. Sometimes poverty statistics of Africa are being used by some corrupt officials for their own good and advantage.

Some of the poor country in Africa really need help to get rid of hunger and too much poverty. They need a help not just to survive for a day but a long term solution to be free from poverty. Poverty in Africa usually associated with hunger and starvation. It is a fact that if you are suffering from poverty you may have no capacity support all your needs. Poverty can be get rid through the effort of the International society, local government of different countries in Africa and the people itself because efforts of the government and international organizations will be useless without the cooperation of the people.

Efforts to Combat Poverty

Today, improvements in terms of economic and low rates of poverty and hunger can now be felt for some parts of Africa such as Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mozambique. Other countries like China also aid Africa to totally be free from too much food starvation and hunger. Cutting off poverty can be attained through collaboration of many concern organizations, governments and the people. Other parts of Africa that currently suffer from poverty may have a hard time to combat poverty but if other countries able to do it possibility that Africa can also do it is very high.

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