Princess Diana Humanitarian Work

Princess Diana’s humanitarian work had left a great benefit and impact on the lives of millions of people across the world. As people’s Princess, she even became extremely popular in the whole world, not only because of her royalty, but of her big heart. Her charity works became her legacy. It continued on through her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William. They continued giving of themselves like what their mom did for many years of her life.

Main Charity Work of Princess Diana

Princess Diana has been noted for two large contributions in the field of humanitarianism, even if she has been a Patron or President of more than 100 charities throughout her life. But her great hard work along with land mine and her presence for AIDS patients has been being noted when it comes to telling photographs. Consequently, such efforts in these areas of humanitarianism were extremely known.

AIDS Charity Work

Aside from financial donations, Diana’s greatest contribution into AIDS charity work had been her own public persona. During that time, people still had insufficient knowledge regarding how AIDS had been contracted. Most persons believed that this disease had been a contagious one by casual contact. The princess belonged to the 1st celebrities who were photographed holding and touching some AIDS/HIV patients. Most experts credited her as she removed this stigma integrated to AIDS.

She visited the AIDS patients in Africa for many times. Apart from this, she was also supporting the works of National Aids Trust, an organization seeking for education, promoting research and influencing the battle against AIDS in a positive way. Through supporting AIDS causes, Princess Diana had been credited as beginning public conversations regarding the epidemic AIDS.


On the 15th of January 1997, she gained public praise and criticism as the whole world viewed videos and photos of her touring land mine fields in a helmet and flight jacket. She crusaded with International Red Cross and Crescent movement which frustrated the government officials. However, it helped in putting international pressure in passing the ban of land mine usage. Such concern over land mine usage was focused on those that were injured, most especially children.

Leprosy Mission

The Princess of Wales had been consistent in her visual compassion towards the children who had been hurt and afflicted. She became The Leprosy Mission’s patron. This has been the organization that is committed to giving treatment, medicine and support services to certain individuals who have been afflicted with this disease.

The Royal Marsden Hospital

This has been the English hospital which is popular for childhood cancer treatment. In the year 2004, it became a National Health Service (NHS) Trust. It is the status that launched the hospital to good financial security.

Princess Diana’s legacy had consistent themes when it comes to her causes. Diana had been called as compassionate as she was always seen touching, visiting, and reaching out to people whom nobody else dare to touch. In addition, she had been also regarded as the champion for little ones who were written off or forgotten.

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