Roberto Clemente Humanitarian Work

Many people have been recognized and rewarded by a particular organization because of their exceptional job done. Most of these people have been sharing to other people the blessing they received in their lives. Their humanitarian works have been giving great hope and inspiration to many people in this world. One of them is Roberto Clemente which has been known not only for being a baseball player but for his charity works. Learn some information about him and get amazed how it changed the lives of other people.

Who is Roberto Clemente?

Roberto Clemente Walker is the professional baseball player in Puerto Rico. He had been the right fielder in Major League Baseball who already played eighteen Pittsburgh Pirates seasons from year 1955 up to 1972. Clemente was also the Most Valuable Player of National League once, batting champion for 4 times, All-Star (12 times) for 15 games, and even winner of Gold Glove for 12 times. In the year 1972, he hit his 3,000th major league.

On the 31st of December, a tragic plane crash caused his death. He was not going to bring the relief and supplies to Nicaragua as an aid to devastating earthquake victims that time. He became popular due to his charity works off-season in Latin American countries, most especially in Puerto Rico where he was born.

Humanitarian Work

In 1973, Roberto Clemente humanitarian work is being recognized through giving Roberto Clemente award which has been given annually to players who showed an outstanding skill in baseball player that is also personally involved into community works.

Roberto Clemente was also known for being a caring friend. It was proven when Tom Walker (Neil Walker’s father) was in Puerto Rico playing winter ball. Walker helped Clemente to load his plane and wished to accompany him in distributing the relief. Clemente refused to let Walker go with him. This was due to the reason that Walker was single and wanted to celebrate the party for New Years Eve. This kindness inadvertently saved the life of Walker.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Clemente had been inducted in 1973 to National Baseball Hall of Fame. He became the first enshrined Latin American. He spent a lot of time for charity works. Managua, Nicaragua’s capital city has been greatly devastated by the massive earthquake last 23rd of December 1972, Clemente worked right away to arrange the flights for emergency relief. He was then visiting that place 3 weeks just before an earthquake occurred. He then found out that aid packages placed on 1st 3 flights were diverted by Somoza government’s corrupt officials and never reached the victims.

He finally decided to join the 4th relief flight. He hoped that he could ensure that those supplies would be distributed directly to the earthquake survivors. The Douglas DC-7 was the plane he chartered had a history of mechanical problems as well as sup-par flight personnel. It was also overloaded by about 4,200 pounds.

Roberto Clemente humanitarian work has served as an inspiration to many people across the globe. He helped a lot in encouraging more people to continue such charity work.

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