Starvation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of poorest countries in this world nowadays due to its slow economy growth and lack of sufficient amount of resources to use in providing the daily needs of the Ethiopian people. One of the biggest problems of the government of this country is the fact that the rate of food crisis in their area continually increases as the time goes by. As a result, several Ethiopian people die because of hunger every day. Such situation is already part of the ordinary way of living in the stated country. Several types of help from the other nations are being shared to this country to resolve its worst food crisis. However, such response remains insufficient enough to eliminate its negative effects.

Lack of Resources

Most of the people in Ethiopia are not capable of feeding their babies and family members regularly. Since the main cause of the food crisis in this country is the absence of the necessary resources, it will never be easy for the members of the Ethiopian national government to stop its negative impacts to the daily living of their countrymen. Some individuals consider it as a permanent curse for all of the residents of Ethiopia.

The amount of crops in Ethiopia is always limited. Due to the absence of skillful farmers and resources that are necessary in building large farms where several amounts of vegetables, fruits and rice can be planted to provide the most sufficient amount of foods that can stop the long-term food crisis in this country. It is easy to educate some individuals on how to become more effective when it comes to the process of planting or farming. However, if the national government of Ethiopia doesn’t have sufficient money to provide the needed resources and budget for the agricultural products, food crisis will never stop from ruining their nation.

Effects of Starvation

As of now, the most expensive type of goods that can be found in this country is the rice. Rice is one of the basic foods that human beings must eat regularly. Because of its expensive price, only few Ethiopian individuals can purchase it every day to satisfy their hunger and extreme desire for food. Every day, almost ten percent of the total population of Ethiopian people dies because of hunger. Such reality might turn Ethiopia into a ghost town one of these days because at the present time, the global rate of economy continually decreases.

The rate of malnutrition in Ethiopia is very high because most of its occupiers do not eat nutritious foods every day. Most of them are victims of extreme hunger and are suffering from poverty. As the prices of the goods in this country continually increases, the rate of malnutrition and poverty in its area increases too. The worst effects of this situation in Ethiopia include the presence of famine in its different areas. Most of the goods and crops in the Ethiopian markets are affected by scarcity and the prices are very expensive. Hopefully one these days, such problems will already start to end for the benefit of the Ethiopian people who are already dying because of hunger.

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