Suicide Statistics South Africa

Planning to kill your own self may really mean something deeper. The high rate of suicide in the world is really alarming. It can be the biggest sin that a person can do. Suicide is a reality in some parts of the world. Suicide incidents in Africa are very alarming that can catch the attention of many people around the world. Stress, depression, frustration and any negative thoughts are some of the reasons why some people decide to commit suicide. It is usually attributed to a mental disorder and triggered by stress such as interpersonal conflicts, financial problems and other personal dilemma.

Statistics of Suicide in Africa

According to the World Health Organization almost one million people or one death caused by suicide in every 40 seconds around the world every year. WHO also predicted if suicide incidents will not be prevented in the year 2020 the death rate caused by suicide will increase to one death in every 20 seconds. In South Africa 6,000 to 8,000 people commit suicide every year. WHO also reported that in the last 45 years suicide rates around the world increased by 60%. Suicide incidents usually committed by people ages 15-44.

Committing suicide is considered as the third greatest cause of unnatural death in the place. According to Professor Lourens Schlebusch, an instructor in the Nelson Madela School of Medicine says that almost one third of the population who are admitted in the hospital committed attempted suicide. He also found out that most of the people who commit suicide are young people.

The Cause of High Suicide Rates

Suicide can also be related to extreme poverty, hunger and despair. People who feel hopeless, frustration and depression usually want to commit suicide just to end up their burden. They see killing their own life as a way to be free from all the negative thoughts and bad experiences that they suffered. In a country like Africa in which some people suffer from hunger, poverty, corruption and other problem in the society the suicide rate is very high. Maybe some African people commit mistakes because they do not see good reasons for them to prolong their agony. It can be their way to be free from domestic violence, poverty, sexual abuse and other negative experiences. However, suicide is not a good option but still we cannot blame other people who want to commit suicide because for them it is their only choice to finally be free.

Countries in the South Africa are Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Zambia. There is an estimated almost 60,000 suicide incidents that happened in South Africa as of 2010. These suicide incidents continually change in accordance of the time period. Accurate and exact number of suicide incidents that happened in South Africa is also hard to obtain because some of these incidents are still under investigation while in some cases the family members of the person who died because of suicide refuse to label the case as a suicide incidents for it might cause shame in the part of deceased person and as well to the family.

It is really hard to know if a person wants to commit suicide especially if the person does not show any possible symptom of being suicidal. To prevent suicide attempt of a person, moral support from the family and friends is greatly necessary. Moral support and by just listening to the person’s sentiments can be an effective way to prevent suicide attempt of a person.

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